An F-16 needs a velocity of 650 km/h to take off. On a carrier the runway is 500m. What should be the acceleration of the jet to be able to take off?

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The F-16 fighter jet can take off only if it reaches 650 km/h. The distance it has to attain this velocity is 500 m which is the length of the runway. The jet obviously starts from a velocity of 0 km/h.

The relation between distance travelled, initial velocity, final velocity and acceleration is given as: vf^2 - v0^2 = 2*a*d, where vf and v0 are the final and initial velocities and a and d are the acceleration and distance.

Here vf = 650 km/h, v0 = 0 km/h, d = 0.5 km and we need to find a which we will get in the units km/h^2

650^2 = 2*0.5*a

=> a = 422500 km/h^2

The acceleration required for the F-16 fighter jet to be able to take off if the runway is 500 m long is 422500 km/h^2.

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