In an extended pharagraph show how the discribtion of the catacombs affected the mood of the story ?(by making it eirie and scary)Give spesific examples Please as fast as you can i must finish this pharagraph you can just give me samall examples

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The setting of the Cask of Amontillado greatly effected the story's mood. It is possilbe that a person during this time period might keep wine in the cold spaces of the catacombs, but it is unlikely. This detail makes the reader suspicious from the beginning. The cold, dark, and damp walls would make anyone uncomfortable. It sets the characters and the reader ill at ease. There is a detailed description of the walls of bones and spider webs. This brings up evil connotations and a sense of unease. The darker and damper the setting gets, the more suspicious and frightened Fortunato becomes. It is easy to believe that Montressor has dark intensions when we are lead through a deep maze of tunels and dead bodies.
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