An experiment, in which an equal volume of water was added to potassium thiocynate solution. which position does the equilibrium shift? please explain?

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If the both reactants were at equal amounts this means that there are going to be equal amounts of products. This means that the reaction wil be at equilibrium because there are equal amounts of reactants and products. Le Chatelier's Principal states that if stress is applied to any reaction, the reaction will move in a direction of less stress. In other words, the reaction will shift in the direction of less moles if there is unequal amounts of products and reactants. For example, the reaction will favor the products if there is increase reactants. The reaction will shift towards the reactants where there is less stress. If there are equal amounts of moles in the products and the reactants, the reaction will at equilibrium. If the reaction has an unequal amounts of reactants or products, the reaction will shift in the direction where there is less stress. 

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