What is an example of a source of help in relation to drug abuse?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A common "source of help" for those seeking treatment for drug abuse is the network of rehabilitation facilities that operate in most American cities and towns. With almost 10 percent of the nation's population addicted to some form of drug or narcotic, the problem of drug abuse in the United States remains serious and costly, both in economic (in effect, the aggregate financial cost in lost productivity associated with drug abuse) and social (in effect, the deleterious effect drug abuse has on society, particularly within families) terms. The most common recourse for those addicted to drugs is admittance to a drug rehabilitation facility. When admitted as an in-patient -- in other words, the patient will live in the facility full time for a certain period of time -- individuals addicted to drugs are treated through therapy intended to address the underlying emotional causes of addiction while being weened off the addictive substance through the use of alternative medications, for example, methadone treatments as a substitute for heroin. Not all individuals with a drug abuse problem are addicted to illegal narcotics such as cocaine, heroin or other hallucinogenic drugs. Many people become addicted to pain medications such as hydrocodone and oxycodone despite having begun using such medications for legitimate medical purposes, such as pain associated with injury. In all instances, however, the treatment regimen may be similar, with mental and physical elements of the addiction being addressed.

clisk-teach4u | Student

An example of help related to drug abuse is most certainly rehabilitation, whtether it be just a short detox facility or a short term care facility, or a long term residential facility, counselling,  to talk about your drug use, a.k.a. "talk therapy".  There is also Narcotics Anonymous , which is group therapy and practicing the twelve steps to sobriety.

the community has many , many outreach support systems in place for people with substance use problems, just ask around or look it up on Google. THERE'S TONS.

potterhead394 | Student

Thank you :)