Please provide an example of humour and irony in Chapters 1-10 of Great Expectations.

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I will give you two examples of both irony and humor, in chapters 1 and chapter 2.

Pip’s encounter with the convict in chapter 1 is full of irony and humor.  All of the irony does not become apparent until later, when we find out the full effect of this terrifying event.  The event that defines Pip’s childhood also defines his adult life, since Magwitch sends him the money for his “great expectations.”  Although Pip is frightened, the reader’s reaction is more humor.

Another example of both humor and irony is Tickler in chapter 2, the name for Mrs. Joe’s cane. 

Tickler was a wax-ended piece of cane, worn smooth by collision with my tickled frame. (ch 2)

The name Tickler is very ironic, and some might find it funny (although it is bitter humor) that the cane would be named Tickler.