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An event that always has been my favorite from the story of Black Beauty is the when Beauty meets Merry Legs and Ginger at Britwick Hall.  Merry Legs is a delightful little cart pony and Ginger is an ill-tempered mare.  She got her ill-temper from a difficult life with previous owners.  She bites and kicks at Beauty from the stall next to his, but he thinks she is wonderful. Further along in this portion of the story, a stablehand, named Joe, does not properly put Beauty up in the stable after a long day of riding.  Beauty becomes quite ill after this incident, and it softens Ginger to him.  The two become close friends.  They are sold together to another owner after the mistress at Britwick Hall becomes ill.  Ginger endures more poor treatment and is, in the end, used for hunting until she is broken.  Beauty is once again sold to man in the city and renamed, Jack.  While living in the city he once again sees his old friend Ginger.  She is now working with a horrid cab owner.  She is in pain and hopes death will come soon.  Not long after, in a heart-breaking moment, Beauty/Jack sees Ginger laying deceased on a cart moving through the city.  His heart is sadenned that she is gone, but happy that she no longer endures the pained existence she once lived.  The relationship between Beauty and Ginger is a wonderfully sad tale.

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