What role does an English speaker play in India?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's a wide open topic, but one that is workable. I think that the English speaker in India can play several roles.  On one hand, the English speaker is representative of one of the main languages in India being spoken.  While there might be over 700 language dialects in the country, English and Hindi are seen as the two primary language.  This is one of those rare instances where political reality mirrors practical being in the world, as well.  As India becomes more rapidly included in the world condition in terms of appropriation via information technology, English is playing a greater role in assimilating India into that role.  In many of the cities and especially amongst the younger people, the English speaker is becoming a part of the cultural norm.  Kids who have grown up with the internet as part of their lives in India are more accustomed to English being a linguistic pattern of recognition than any of the traditional languages and might gravitate towards the English speaker.  In a more practical sense, the English speaker might find themselves being able to participate in tuition centers all over India that require English speakers who can teach the language to Indians who recognize that acquiring English speaking skills will help to define greater success in their businesses and economic interests.  Call centers need English speakers to teach conversational English to individuals who must take the phones and speak with fluency in a variety of contexts.  The role of the English speaker in India is one that occupies central importance at this particular period of time.