An athlete completes a 1500m race in 870s. Calculate the athlete's average speed in: A) m/s B)km/s

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Speed is the distance traveled in unit time. Here we need to find the average speed in terms of m/s and km/s.

It is given that the athlete travels 1500 m in 870 s. To find speed in m/s, we divide 1500 by 870. 1500/870 = 1.724. The average speed of the athlete in m/s is 1.724 m/s.

In terms of km/s, we have to first express the distance traveled in km. 1500 m is 1.5 km. The average speed is 1.5/870 = 1.724*10^-3 km/s

The average speed of the athlete is 1.724 m/s and 1.724*10^-3 km/s

mrsq eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are givent hat the athlete completes a 1500m race in 870s.


To find the answer to A) simply divide and simplify 1500m/870s, which equals approximately 1.724 m/s or 50/29 m/s


In order to find B), you must first know the number of kilometers to meters.  1 kilometer equals 1000 meters.

So to find the answer to B) you divide answer A) by 1000 and get .001724 km/second or 1/580.