Who is Romeo talking to in his aside in scene 2 line 37?whom is Romeo talking to in his aside in scene 2 line 37 why is the aside effective

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In Act II scene 2 Romeo is eavesdropping on Juliet as she confesses her love for him.  In the aside in line 37 ("Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?") he's talking to himself.  He knows that it is wrong for him to over hear her confessions, and he knows that he feels the same way, but he wonders if he should listen to hear more or should he speak up and tell her that he feels the same way.

The aside is particularly effective because he decides to wait and let her keep talking.  The extra time gives him the opening he needs to confess her love.  As she continues talking, she suggests the he give up his Monatgue name, or that she could give up her Capulet name, so that they can be together without the feuding of their names.


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