An aqueous solution of glucose is 10% in strength. The volume in which 1g mole of it is dissolved will be ?

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You should know that a 10% solution means 10 grams in 100mL volume, hence, you need to evaluate the volume of 1gM solution using the following equation, such that:

`V = n/c`

V represents the volume of solution in L

n represents the number of moles dissolved

c represents the concentration of solution

You need to evaluate first the molar concentration of 10% glucose, using its molar mass of `180.16 g/mol` such that:

`10/100*1/180.16 *1000 = 0.055M`

You need to evaluate the volume of 1 gM of 10% glucose such that:

`V = 1/0.055 = 18.18 L`

Hence, evaluating the volume of 1gM of 10% glucose yields `V = 18.18 L.`

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