In an apology speech to the people of Scotland after the death of Macbeth, what would Malcolm say?

Expert Answers
pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As Malcolm assumes the throne of Scotland, he should acknowledge his father, Duncan.

People of Scotland, in memory of your great King, Duncan, my father, I beseech you to restore your faith in our great country. With King Duncan's tragic murder, the kingdom we love and revere was usurped by an enemy.  An enemy to all Scotland, he inflicted his brutal nature on all of us.  Your suffering was my suffering, as your new sovereign, I promise to restore order, stability and good character to the throne.

I ask your indulgence, to put your faith and trust in me, I know that you have been tested and betrayed by the tragic misdeeds of the false king Macbeth, but I promise you that his sins against you have been duly punished.  With his removal and death, Scotland is once more standing with the light of God and the good will of her people.

I mourn for your losses, as you mourn for mine, the loss of our just and righteous king, Duncan.  In his memory and with a desire to honor him,  As his rightful heir, I assume the throne, thereby restoring Scotland to her rightful path, as your king, I will serve you as the great Duncan did.