Is An Insect An Animal

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I believe you are actually asking if an insect is an animal. The answer to that question emphatically is yes! To be classified in Kingdom Animalia, the organism must be multicellular, and it must be heterotrophic. It relies on other organisms for a source of food. Animal cells are eukaryotic with a true nucleus and organelles adapted for carrying out life functions. Most animals contain tissues, specialized cells that carry out a particular function. However, primitive animals like sponges do not. Animals can usually carry out locomotion, although some are sessile. Insects fit all the characteristics that place them in the Kingdom Animalia.

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  yes, they are classified in the animal kingdom.all living things, except for plants, are members of the animal kingdom, even Amoebas and Volvox.Other living things are members of the plant kingdom.The only other living things that are in a group all by themselves are those that are part plant and animal.