An aluminum nail has a charge of 3.2x10^-6C. How many electrons must be added to the nail to make it electrically neutral?pls provide equation thx

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We can basically say that:

`(t otal charg e)/(charg e -per -el ectron) = n umber of el ectrons`

Remember that: 

one coulomb = `6.24151x10^18`  electrons therefore one electron has a charge of `1.602x10^(-19)` coulombs.

So to get the total number of electrons, we just divide the given charge of the aluminum nail by the charge of one electron. 

`n umber of el ectrons = (3.2x10^(-6) C)/(1.602x10^(-19)C/e)`

`= 1.998x10^(13) el ectrons` 

Provide the final answer with the right significant figures. 

`2.0 x10^13`  electrons -> final answer


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