An advertising on a known deodrant shows a young beautiful girl is upset to meet her boyfriend, as friends point out "bad body odour".The advertisement is trying to arouse which motive in the...

An advertising on a known deodrant shows a young beautiful girl is upset to meet her boyfriend, as friends point out "bad body odour".

The advertisement is trying to arouse which motive in the consumer? discuss by giving one similar example?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are probably several advertising motives present in this particular ad.  One of the motives I see in it is the "bandwagon" motive.  Essentially, in this motive the advertisement attempts to convince the consumer that they do not want to be "singled out," and they should join the others that are on the bandwagon.  In the ad, the girl presumably is upset that her friends are mocking her boyfriend's body odor.  The implication is that if he uses the product being advertised, she will be part of the group, part of a social setting, and "on the bandwagon."  The advertisement draws a line that says being away from this setting is bad or something that causes a level of shame.  The girl is upset because she is the target of her friends' ridicule, by extension of the boyfriend.  By utilizing the bandwagon motive, that it is better for the consumer to be on the bandwagon with everyone else, it makes the argument that purchasing the product makes one part of the social element as opposed to being apart from it.

Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The presence of several people in this ad does clearly suggest the bandwagon technique. Another advertising technique in play here is that of using an assertion, even though it is implied rather than stated. The ad, when interpreted by a young man, asserts indirectly that if you want to get and keep the beautiful girl, you need to use our product. It appeals to self-interest in another way, also: If you don't use our product, you will be talked about and ridiculed by your peers. Both of these implied assertions hit on strong human needs, the need to be desirable to the opposite sex and the need to be accepted by peers. These needs are strong motivators.

Years ago there was a famous ad for piano lessons. It showed a picture of a young man playing the piano, surrounded by admiring friends. Everyone, including the piano player, was having a wonderful time. The implied assertion was learn to play the piano and you will become very popular, the life of the party! Who wouldn't want that?

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator


Does the girl or boy have bad body odor? It doesn't really matter. This ad is playing on the insecurities of teenagers, and people in general. The ad says to the consumer, this is something you can't live without. Many other techniques are used: Plain folks (the idea that people just like you use this deodorant), transfer (beautiful girls use it, so you want to as well), and of course fear (you're afraid of body odor).