Amos Fortune, Free Man

by Elizabeth Yates

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In "Amos Fortune, Free Man" by Elizabeth Yates, what does Amos do for Lois?

Expert Answers

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We must first consider what Amos almost—but ultimately does not—do for Lois.

Amos takes pity on Lois' sad situation in life and has an affinity for her children. Though Amos has been saving money for years, he decides that he wants to use that money to buy a small home in the village for Lois and her children to give them a new chance at life.

Amos' wife Violet contends that Amos should instead help Lois' older children find employment, so they may pull themselves out of their dire circumstances. Amos and Violet firmly disagree with one another for some time. Violet is so firm in her belief that she hides the money from Amos.

Ultimately, Violet provides Amos with the money for him to use to build the home, but after much thought and prayer, Amos agrees with his wife and instead helps provide work for Lois' older children.

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