In Among the Hidden, what keeps the characters from getting what they want?

Expert Answers
estoverl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main characters in Among the Hidden are the children and their families. The story focuses on children known as illegals. They are children born to a family that already has two children. A third child is illegal in the setting of this novel.

The children believe it is unfair that they must always stay hidden from everyone, as if they do not exist at all. What they want is freedom to live out in the open like their other two siblings. The Population Police who enforce the Population Laws keep them from having what they want. What happens to illegals who are caught is not clearly defined but the author allows the children to discuss the horrible things that could happen and the rumors they have heard. Eventually, a few of the children decide to stand up to the population's laws, to march to the capitol and protest the laws, demanding their freedom at a rally. Though the truth about the rally is not fully explained, the children find out that it failed because the Population Police and government officials stopped them.