AMND is mostly a light hearted and amusing play, but there are things in it which are morally unacceptable. What do you find morally unacceptable? Explain your view.

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shakespeare's plays all have something in common--few, if any, stage directions. The director presents the themes in the play by the choices he makes in costuming and character blocking. If a director so chooses, he could have any theme presented to a point that could offend anyone. But looking at the text from today's perspective, women might feel it morally unacceptable to be owned by men. Others, including myself, might think that it isn't right for Oberon to have Titania fall in love with a donkey. If taken too far, one might consider bestiality as an innuendo in this case and that is just too disgusting to fathom. However, if taken as a light jest it makes for a good joke that audiences love; and that probably all Shakespeare intended. In the 1998 screen version of the play, the lovers wake up the next morning completely unclothed, too, and I thought that was taking it a little bit too far, but that is another example of a director using his interpretation to add style to a Shakespearean play.

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