Is Amir selfish in The Kite Runner?

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Amir is selfish at the beginning of the novel, but as he matures, he becomes more selfless. When he is young, is selfish for his father's love, and he resents his father's attentions towards Hassan, a servant boy who works for the family. Part of the reason Amir is selfish is that Baba, his father, restricts his love toward his son and is very critical of him. Later, Amir says nothing when he sees Hassan raped by a neighborhood boy, and he engineers a situation so that Hassan and his father leave the family compound. Amir suffers as a result of this incident, and the guilt he feels makes him less selfish. When he and his father move to California, they are poor and lack the social and economic capital they had in Afghanistan. Amir selflessly cares for his father, who suffers from cancer, and he marries Soraya, even though she is not considered chaste because she ran off with an earlier boyfriend. Later, when Amir chooses to adopt Hassan's son after Hassan's death, he has become truly selfless. The guilt he suffered as a boy caused him to become less selfish and more mature.

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In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, there are moments when Amir is selfish; however, his character overall is not entirely selfish.  When Amir is young, he vies for the attention of his Baba, yet his Baba is critical of him and always pushes him to perform better.  Amir is jealous of the attention that Baba gives to Hassan because he does not understand why Baba would need to show Hassan such affection.  So, one might argue that in the earlier parts of the story, Amir is selfish because he wants this affection for himself.  (Although I think Amir is more conflicted at this point than he is selfish.)

However, the majority of the novel concerns itself with developing the road to redemption upon which Amir embarks to make amends for his ill decision in the alley way.  Amir does want to set things right for himself, but he also wants good for others such as Hassan's son.  So overall, Amir is not a selfish character.

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