Amir grew up admiring Baba to the point of hero worship until one truth changed it all.  What is that truth?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout his childhood and adult life, Amir seeks his father's approval.  He thinks that Baba blames him for his mother's death, and cannot understand why Baba seems to be so hard on him. However, long after Baba's death, Amir travels to Pakistan to see Rahim Khan after he receives a mysterious phone call from him.  Rahim Khan unburdens to Amir the secret he has long kept--Hassan is Baba's son and, therefore, is Amir's half brother.  Amir is furious when he hears the news.  He's furious that Rahim Khan would keep this from him.  He's furious with himself because now he realizes that he not only betrayed his friend many years before, but he also betrayed his brother.  And finally, he's furious with Baba.  Baba committed the one sin that he warned Amir about--theft--he stole another man's wife and then he stole the truth from Amir and Hassan.  At this point, Amir realizes that all of the years spent trying to achieve Baba's approval were in vain because it was not that Baba did not love him; it was that Baba was trying to punish himself for what he had done.

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