Is Amir entirely at blame for the suffering of Hassan?I need ideas how Baba is at blame and how Amir is at blame?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Amir's blame for the suffering of Hassan is more obvious than the blame of Baba.  Amir was a boy who wanted his father's love.  He knew what he had been taught and he believed that Hassan, even though a friend, is a lower class citizen and a servant boy.  When Hassan was raped Amir should have come to his defense by telling someone what happened.  His turning on Hassan caused suffering for Hassan because he had unconditional love for Amir.  Baba, on the other hand, was and adult.  He knew that Hassan was his son, yet he let his social status control his behavior in this situation.  He never told his son that Hassan was his half brother, and he never told Hassan that he was his father.  Baba laid the foundation for all of Hassan's suffering by not owning up to his part in the conception of Hassan.

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