In The Kite Runner, is Amir an honorable character?Please provide a couple of examples.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a child Amir does some dishonorable things.  He tricks Hassan into believing he is reading from his books when he is really making up stories, he pressures Hassan into doing things that he doesn't have the courage to do.  His most dishonorable action as a child is to fail to protect or at least tell someone about what happen to Hassan.  After the attack Amir feels so guilty that he takes the guilt out on Hassan and creates a situation inwhich  Hassan is driven out of his life.

This whole novel is, however, about redemption and in the end Amir becomes an honorable character.  He returns home to make things right.  Even though it is too late to reconcile with Hassan he does risk his life to save his nephew, Sohrab.  He faces his past and does what he can to make things right again.  This is honorable.

"Throughout the novel, the protagonist struggles to find his true purpose and to forge an identity through noble actions. Amir's failure to stand by his friend at a crucial moment shapes this defining conflict."

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