• Is the amino acid MBA destroyed by heat?

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Amino acids are one of the fundamental building blocks of biochemistry.  They are the component compounds of all proteins found in nature.  Amino acids consist of a central carbon atom attached to an amine group (NH2), a carboxylic acid group (COOH), and a unique chemical moiety (often called the R group).  MBA stands for methylaminobutyric acid, another name for the amino acid isovaline.  Like all amino acids, it is affected by heat.  Heat is one of the means of denaturing a protein.  A protein has multiple layers of complex structure associated with it in nature.  To denature a protein is to disrupt its complex structural organization in three dimensional space.  When a protein is denatured, most of the time it completely loses its natural biological activity (potency).  Proteins can be denatured with chemicals but also with heat.  So yes, enough heat will destroy a protein and its amino acids, including MBA.

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