What makes Americans invincible, according to Henry in "Speech to the Virginia Convention"?

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According to Patrick Henry, the colonists cannot lose because they are "armed in the holy cause of liberty" and the just God will preside over their destiny.

Henry tells the convention that if three million people are fighting for liberty, which is a holy cause, and in a country such as theirs, they will be invincible against any army that the British can send against them. For, there is "a just God who presides over the destinies of nations," and, Henry adds, God will raise up allies for them. 

In addition to these reasons, Henry says that the colonies really have no choice because unless they go to war against Britain, they must live in submission and slavery: "Our chains are forged!" But, he adds, the colonies are strong and if they make use of the means which God has placed in their power, they can prevail against Britain.

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