In American Violet, how were Dee's strengths shown? 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that one way in which Dee's strengths are shown is through her being victimized but she herself not becoming a victim.  It is an interesting dynamic that the film explores, and in doing so, some of her strengths emerge.  Dee refuses to acquiesce to a law enforcement and legal framework that she knows is wrong.  She knows she is innocent of the charges against her.  She refuses to cave into such conditions.  It is here where I think that one of Dee's major strengths emerge.  At the same time, Dee is shown to be a mother who loves her children to the point where she continues to focus on their condition over her own.  Given what she endures, she could have forgone her connection to her children.  Yet, she uses this as a galvanizing force, understanding that if she gives up fighting her children would endure more abuse.  It is here where I think that another strength of her characterization is evident, shown to a point that she uses the love of her children and the concern for their safety as part of the reason she fights the charges against her.  In both situations, her character is revealed to be one of strength, unwilling to become a victim even though she is victimized by a social and legal setting that refuses to validate her experience.