In American Violet, how did Dee use her strengths to overcome her problems?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Dee's strength of mental toughness is employed in several moments in the narrative, enabling her to overcome her problems.  I would suggest that this strength of mental toughness is seen when she refuses to take a plea.  She understands that capitulating to what is being manufactured against her only emboldens the legal system against her.  At the same time, she also uses her mental toughness to enable her to recognize that her fight for survival and freedom is benefiting her children.  She understands that her children's lives are in danger if she caves into a plea deal with the District Attorney.  This resolve is what allows her to persevere and eventually survive.  For Dee, this strength is what she relies upon to overcome the injustice being perpetrated upon her.  It is a singular focus to be able to prove wrong the individuals who wish to manipulate her into a system in which discrimination and prejudice have permeated it.  Dee's strength of mental toughness is what she has to rely upon to overcome such realities in order to gain her freedom and save her children from what she suspects is abuse.  In the final analysis, her grit and sense of resolve are the strengths that enable her to triumph over considerably challenging circumstances.