In American Violet could someone tell me how Dee used her strengths to overcome her problemsCould someone help me out with this question please for one of my social work class please? thanks Joelle

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In general, Dee does not have many advantages to her side in the narrative.  It is for this reason that the demonstration of her fervent passion and sense of resistance is so compelling.  If Dee had socio- economic advantages or attributes of excessive wealth, she might not have been plunged deep into an attitudes towards people like her motivated by discrimination.  Yet, she features a defiance and sense of dissent that helps to galvanize her characterization.  She refuses to take a plea on the basic idea that she has not done what she is accused of doing. She is authentically shocked when she realizes that she has been picked up not for parking tickets but for narcotics.  She refuses to take a plea to this because she knows she did not do anything wrong.  She is also motivated to have her innocence proved because she knows that her incarceration further increases her children to abuse by the woman with whom their father stays.  Dee's fundamental motivation exists here, in her knowledge of the truth and her love of her children.  Both serve to drive her character and represents how she was able to use her strengths in order to overcome her problems.