In American society, do the media continue to objectify women? (consider restaurants, advertisements, television, video games, music, movies...)

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As long as sex sells as well as it does, the media, etc. will continue to objectify women. But, so often women choose to objectify themselves, anyway.

The tabloid magazines feature photographs of female celebrities in various types of provocative clothing, and male celebrities with their shirts off in order to attract the attention of consumers. There is no question that many women often wear seductive clothing, etc. in order to draw the attention of males to them. Certainly, this is the motivation of the lonely Curley's wife, who appears standing in a seductive pose in the doorway of the bunk house in order to gain attention. She surely knows that she is the only female on the ranch.

In the bunkhouse as the men relax after working by playing cards, Whit asks George if he has seen Curley's new wife. George replies that he has not seen much of her.

"Well, stick around an' keep your eyes open. You'll see plenty. She ain't concealin' nothin'. I never seen nobody like her. She got the eye goin' all the time on everybody. I don't know what the hell she wants."

Curley's wife sadly ends in tragedy as she teases Lennie and he tries to stroke her and her hair, instead breaking her neck and killing her inadvertently.


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