How were the American Indians impacted by colonization?

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The American Indians were impacted by colonization in various ways.  In the beginning, the colonists wanted to be friendly with the Native Americans.  They knew the Native Americans could help them learn about the land, grow crops, and devise ways to survive the harsh winters in the North.  There also was a lot of trade between the colonists and the Native Americans.  This early relationship was helpful to both the Native Americans and the colonists.  It is important to note that this friendly relationship didn't exist in all cases in the early going.  Some Native Americans tribes didn't trust the colonists and fighting broke out.  As the colonies developed and expanded, the relationship between the colonists and Native Americans began to deteriorate.  The colonists began to fear the Native Americans were holding back the growth of the colonies.  Distrust grew on both sides.  More conflict occurred.  The colonists wanted the Native Americans removed, and eventually, after our country was formed, this is what happened to the Native Americans.  Native American ways of life were eventually disrupted and destroyed.  Overall, the impact of colonization on the Native Americans was a negative one.

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