In American History, what lesson does Ella learn?

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Ella learned that race and social class dictated social order. She grew fond of Eugene, who, like herself, was considered an outsider in school because of his origin and accent. In fact, Eugene became her teenage love and she envisioned the two of them sharing hearty moments in their kitchen just like the couple she used to look at. Ella continued with her innocent optimism for a growing friendship with Eugene, especially when he invited her for a study session at his house. This was in spite the fact that her mother attempted to caution her and remind her about her background. However, her conversation with Eugene’s mother after she responded to her knocks left her hurt and confused. Eugene’s mother, after finding out where Ella lived, clearly told her that Eugene could neither be friends with her nor did he need any help before asking her to leave. Later that night Ella sobbed in bed as she came to the realization of the unfortunate circumstances that plagued her society; racial prejudice was indeed real.

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