The American High School Based on your own insights, identify serious problems occurring in high school and propose recommendations for addressing them.

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One of the biggest problems in the school I used to work at was apathy. Apathy from the students who saw no value in education. Many of them felt there would be no jobs when they graduated anyway. Others felt they wouldn't need most of the information they were supposed to be learning. The students either had no dreams or unrealistic dreams, like being famous. Apathy also came from the administration. They put too much on the shoulders of the teachers and refused to back them up. Students saw quickly that they could get away with almost anything because the administrators didn't want the hassle of dealing with the problems. If administrators would quit worrying about how discipline problems looked to the state (ie the school had too many discipline problems so the administrators might loose their place), then they could create a culture of respect within the school. When the administration is more worried about the bottom line than what's best for the kids, that's a real...

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