American electric plants serve 9,500,000 homes.The estimated number of homes in the United States is 21,000,000. What % receives electrical energy?

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Percentage is way of telling a fraction  in another  equivalent  fraction  like what is that number for every 100.

9500000 Homes out of 21000000 getting service by AEC. How many are served  out of 100. By ratio and proportion ,

9,500,000:21,000,000 = x :100.

Therefore, = Product of end terms/ known middle term=9,500,000*100/21,000,000= 950/21=45.2381%

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Let us say:

Number of homes served by electric plants = n


Total number of homes = N

Then formula for calculating the percentage of homes served by electricity is

Percentage of homes served = (n/N) x 100

= (9500000/21000000) x 100

= 950/21 = 45.23809 %

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