Is the American Constitution still workable?  Can it meet the demands of our times?  

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The Constitution is still workable in that it continues to adapt.  Since the founding of this country, we have given eighteen-year olds the right to vote, abolished slavery, given women the right to vote, and allowed for the direct election of senators.  America has also had some bad ideas, such as prohibiting the consumption and sale of alcohol, but it repealed this with another amendment.  The Constitution is a living document.  The checks and balances system has served America for over two hundred years by maintaining a balance between the executive and legislative branches of government.  An impartial judiciary is supposed to safeguard the people's rights according to the Constitution.  The Founders did not provide for every situation explicitly in the Constitution; this allowed future generations of Americans to use the document as they saw fit.  While nothing last forever and the republics of Rome and Athens fell eventually, the U.S. Constitution provides enough safeguards in its Bill of Rights and its balance of power between the branches of government to appear stable enough to last for years to come.  

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