How did the views of Hamilton and Jefferson give birth to political parties?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the years after the creation of the Constitution of the United States, the country’s leaders split into two main political parties.  These parties were the Federalist Party, which is most closely associated with Alexander Hamilton and the Democratic-Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson.  The ideas of these two men led to the creation of these political parties because those ideas were opposed to one another.  Since there were coming to be two main streams of thought about what the country should be like, there naturally came to be two political parties.

The Federalist Party was the more conservative of the two parties.  It wanted the country to become industrialized and economically powerful.  This party held that America needed to get away from having just an agrarian economy and society.  The Federalists realized that an industrial economy would make for a less equal society as some people got rich and others became poorer.  The Federalists felt that this was an acceptable outcome.  Relatedly, they were less attached to the idea of democracy.  They felt that the common people lacked the knowledge needed for governing and that a natural elite should have more power.  The Federalists came to back England in its war against Revolutionary France.

The Democratic-Republicans held views opposite to those of the Federalists.  They believed that the US ought to be a democratic country in which all people (or at least all white men) were equal.  They believed that economic inequality would lead to political inequality.  Therefore, they believed that America’s economy should be made up almost solely of small independent farmers.  They wanted more democracy so that there would be no rule by any group of elites.  They came to back the French in their war against England.

Because Hamilton and Jefferson had different points of view (and because those points of view were shared by others) two political parties soon arose after the creation of the new governmental system under the Constitution.

maria-vivanco | Student

The differences between the views of Hamilton and Jefferson led to a separation and thus emerged political parties. Hamilton favored wealthy while Jefferson favored the common man. Priorites and how to manage the new nation drew the two apart and devleoped the Federalist and the Demo- Repumblican 

laurto | Student

Hamilton favored the wealthy while Jefferson favored the common man (farmers). Their disagreements were the starting point of the Federalist and Republican-Democratic parties. Hamilton is considered the father of the Federalist party and Jefferson is considered the father of the Republican-Democratic party. Both of these parties change a lot and developed into new parties.