America as a nation in 1955 was a very different place compared to America of 1925 --which is odd considering how much they had in common.  Explain this statement.

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What the America of these two years had most in common was a feeling of prosperity and of new possibilities.  In 1925, the US was in the middle of the "Roaring '20s."  People were getting wealthier and there were more leisure opportunities like movies and raidos.  In 1955, the US was in its post-WWII boom and there were more leisure opportunities like TV and records.

However, these were very different times.  The US in 1955 was a superpower very much involved in world affairs.  This was the time of the Cold War rather than of isolationism.  The US in 1925 was in the middle of major changes.  The flappers and the Jazz Age were in full swing.  By contrast, the America of 1955 was not yet experiencing the sorts of changes that would happen in the late '50s and the 1960s.

So America in 1955 was very different than in 1925 because the later America was a world leader in what seemed like a very stable social time whereas the earlier America was isolationist and going through major social changes.

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