Is America evolving into a society like the one in Brave New World?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In some ways, it is possible to argue that American society is evolving towards the society of the World State.  However, the main aspects of Huxley’s society are not being replicated here.

It is possible to argue that Americans are obsessed with youth, sex, and entertainment.  Americans spend tremendous amounts of money on things like plastic surgery to try to make themselves continue to look young in artificial ways.  They also spend huge amounts of money on large televisions and on cable TV subscriptions and other forms of entertainment.  American society is saturated with sexual images and many people feel that our society promotes promiscuity.  In these ways, it is possible to claim that our society is moving towards that of the book.

However, the main aspect of the society in the book is that people are essentially losing their humanity.  They use sex, entertainment, and drugs as a way to escape from human emotions and feelings.  This is not something that we see at all in our society.  We are, as much as ever, interested in human relationships.  We spend more time with our children than parents did in past generations.  We are very concerned with improving our relationships.  We worry about how to make marriages more stable.  We are not trying to move away from our humanity and our human emotions.

Thus, our society resembles Huxley’s in some superficial ways, but it does not resemble the most important aspect of his society.  John the Savage would surely not have needed to kill himself in modern America. 

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