America by Jean Baudrillard "Whatever happens, and whatever one thinks of the arrogance of the dollar or the multinationals, it is this culture which, the world over, fascinates those very people who suffer most at its hands, and it does so through the deep, insane conviction that it has made all their dreams come true." Explain the meaning of this quote.

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It is pretty ironic that so many countries and people around the world love America and cannot wait to come here, buy American goods, or adapt part of our culture.  I think it is an example of them wanting to be like us so that they have power.

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What it means is that the author thinks that America and American companies have made people all over the world suffer.  Yet, the author says, those people still love American culture.  This is because they are "insane" enough to think that America has actually helped them.  Clearly, this is a very anti-American point of view.

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