Is the ambition of nuclear weapon abolition valid?

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I think that the ambition to rid the world of nuclear weapons is quite valid.  One need only point to the cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as an example of how destructive and cruel the use of nuclear weapons can be.  The literal incineration of human beings as well as the impact caused to future generations justifies the ambition to rid the world of nuclear weapons.  The risks carried of accidental discharge are life altering.  A miscalculation will possess terrible results.  Unlike conventional warfare, few are spared in a nuclear conflict and this is what makes nuclear warfare fundamentally different from all other types of conflict.  It is in this that the ambition to rid the world of nuclear weapons is valid.  So much of a clear and present danger applies to all of humanity that the aspiration is a worthwhile one.  Its feasibility might be a different issue for as long as the propensity for massive destruction exists, the desire to use the weapon in order to consolidate power also exists, making them desirable to those in the position of power.

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