am wrting an essay about the importance of literature and science...i need help please

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Everything in the world can be tied to both Literature and Science. Without them, we could not hope to precede as a succesful species. Take our current and previous achievements in the feilds of both Science and Literature; Albert Einstine, Nicola Tesla and Francis Crick for Science, William Shakespear, T.S Elliot and Homer for Literature. Everything we have today is as a result of past ventures into Literature and Science, presidents such as Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Jackson were influenced by Literature and its processes. Great men in history such as Leonardo Da Vince' and Aristotle, made advances in Science no man in there time could ever begin to understand. All of there achievements gave way to insperation for ideas we have today; without them, we would have never achieved the many greats feats we've accomplished today.

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