I am writing a research paper about why the number of sexual assaults is so high in India. How can I write a thesis statement about this?

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Read papers on the subject from a multitude of sources, newspapers, magazines, op-ed, and scholarly journal articles.  (As an aside, make sure you keep track of each article for reference purposes.)  Each will provide you with the authors point of view.  It would probably behoove you to read papers on rape from different countries and not limit your research to just India -- you might find a common thread, or you might be surprised at the statistics you discover.  From these different view points and approaches to the problem, you should be able to come to your own conclusion and write your thesis statement -- why do you think the number of rape cases in India is so high.  So for example, after reading you might decide the high rape rates in India are due to societal mores.  Based on this statement, your paper would be centered around evidence, what are the social mores which contribute, statistics, what are the numbers, and possible solutions, what is needed to change society.

Hope that helps. 

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