I am writing a research paper on specific questions, do I include the questions in the paper?

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I think that inclusion of the topic area of the question is a good thing.  It might be able to provide the accurate paradigm for the reader to better understand what your work attempts to explicate or explore.  Including the exact words to the question, as the previous post suggests, is not needed.  Yet, I think giving background to the topic area, why it is relevant and meaningful, and how you plan on exploring it could be very useful background information to the reader in helping to illuminate areas that will be explored.  It is essential to give the setting to the reader.  The exact words to the question might not be as important as the scope of what is being explored.

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It's not necessary to include the questions themselves. If the question is "what led to the fall of the Roman empire?" You would answer this by simply beginning your essay, "the fall of the Roman empire was caused by....."
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