I am writing on point of view and wanted to confirm that it is first person and first peron observer.

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Point of view is an important aspect of any piece of literature as it can critically affect the tone and mood of a story. The person who relates the story to the reader is the narrator. Therefore the story is being told from the narrator's point of view, and there are several points of view of which you need to be aware.

First Person Point of View
With a first person pov, the narrator is an actual character in the story. With a first person narrator, the reader needs to be mindful that we are only hearing the story from one perspective, consequently the information we get from the narrator might not be truthful. As conscientious readers, we need to keep this in mind and decide if the narrator is an honest and trustworthy character.

Third Person Point of View
With the third person pov, the narrator is not a character in the story. Because the narrator is on the outside looking in, we are able to learn about how the characters feel and what they do. There are two types of third person pov.

  • Third person Omniscient: With this type of pov, the narrator is like God--all seeing and all knowing. We learn everything about all of the characters. 
  • Third person limited:With this pov, the narrator has limited knowledge of only a few characters.

Objective Point of View
This type of pov is not used much in high school literature, but with this type, the narrator simply tells what can be observed from the plot, action, dialogue, and etc. of the story. We as readers don't know what the characters think or feel.


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