I am writing a poem, and I need some puns about roses.

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One of my favorite quotes is by Abraham Lincoln where he uses roses to examine a positive outlook on life.  He wrote, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

But since you are looking for puns, or play of words, here are a couple I came up with.

  • I rose to the occasion and bought her a bouquet on Valentine’s Day.
  • Her love stemmed from the number of roses he gave her for Valentine’s Day.
  • Her budding love flowered like a rose.
  • Her cheeks were so rosy; she was an American Beauty (type of rose).

To write an effective pun, think of all the ways you can “play with” words associated with roses.  For example, rose, bud, stem, thorn, bush, petal, bouquet, or names of roses like American Beauty.

Rose can also be a verb or an adjective like “rosy.”


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Puns on the subject of roses:

1. I planted seeds. Red flowers bloomed and rose to the occasion.

2. A rose in the hand is worth two on the bush.

3. A prickly pear and a thorny rose had a pointed conversation.

4. A bouquet of roses …it’s just a hunch that this bunch will earn you lunch with fair lady

5. Rose-colored glasses are blind to thorny issues

6. Rose are red…apples are too… but which of the two gets the girl for you!

7. What did the huntress receive for her birthday: Guns N’ Roses

  1. A yellow rose is one that didn’t brush its teeth.
  1. What is Valentine’s Day? It’s the Super Bowl for roses.

10. What do roses do when they get a new car: They put the petal to the metal

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Puns about roses?

  • This is a thorny subject.
  • I can't sleep in that bed. (of roses)
  • Don't throw stone at roses that live in glass houses.
  • We will have a blooming good time.
  • Rose blooms at home.
  • Rose withers under the pressure.
  • He ran out of the store with a bunch of roses and was caught red-handed.
  • always looking through rose-colored glasses
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