I am writing a paper and need some more input on the questions that I posted and some more examples can someone help me out.

  • What is involved in the recruitment and selection process?
  • The cost involved in recruitment hard dollars (e.g., dollars spent for ads and agencies) and the soft dollars (e.g., money spent on people's time and salary to interview and sign up for benefits)
  • The benefits to the company for hiring the right person and the cost for hiring the wrong one
  • How recruitment fuels talent management in an organization


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I can offer some bullet points:

What are the job tasks; what specific tasks will the recruit need to do. What minimum skills? Where will the middle ground fall, and what are the maximum, higher skills needed.  This may require a job task analysis.

What department, or what place in the company will the recruit work? Therefore, who will the recruit work with? Who above, and who below. These  workers may make up your selection comittee. When does the position need to be filled? How far from the company will you recruit (from other states, other countries, etc.)

Time is the most expensive part here. You would have to factor in the salaries of the committee, who may be taken away from their real job to work on the recruitment.  Of course paying for ads, phone calls, bringing candidates in and paying for their trip, housing etc.

Hiring the right person means the company can move forward, and generally productivity goes up. The recruit may feel a desparately needed position. Conversely, the wrong person will leave, necessitating begining the process over. How will you measure discouragement and morale from working hard to fill a position only to have it come vacant again.

Generally you would recruit from a pool of applicants who possess most or all of the skills, experience and education you are seeking.

These are just some ideas that come to mind. You would need to flesh them out mre.


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