I am writing a paper on literature before, while and after WWII. I called it Pre-war lit and Postwar-lit. Can I say Duringwar-lit or whilewar-lit.

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I would recommend finding another prefix for your title rather than saying "during war." Maybe interwar would be a better choice. Be sure you don't refer to it as the interwar period though; that is the specific period in history between WWI and WWII. If you are looking for a way to pontificate in your titles, you might want to call the "pre-war" section "antebellum." However, using the word war in each section does add a sense of continuity to the piece as a whole. You will want to be sure you mention WWII in your title because there are many periods of war throughout history and literature. If it were my paper, I would call it "World War II Prewar, Interwar, and Postwar Literature."

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