How are Caroline, Elizabeth and Safie from Frankenstein similar?

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1. All three women are extremely supportive of the men whom they love (almost to a fault). Caroline is indulgent with Victor and seemingly with his siblings, and she compassionately takes care of her ailing father before she marries Alphonse. Elizabeth writes Victor, listens to him, and endures his aloofness and neglect while maintaining her love for him. Safie gives up wealth and her home country to be "exiled" with Felix.

2. Similarly, the three women are kindhearted, optimistic Idealists. Caroline sees the best in everyone and opens her home to Elizabeth and Justine.  She tries to instill in her son the same compassion for others. Elizabeth becomes the caretaker of the Frankenstein family after Caroline's death and places others before herself constantly.  She maintains hope for most of her life that despite horrible events, life will improve and love will survive. Safie is the same.  She sees the good in Felix and disregards her father's wishes.  She cheerfully lives in the small cottage and learns another language so that she can make the best of her situation.

3. Finally, all three become victims of sorts. Caroline dies while caring for Elizabeth--it's ironic that her compassion costs her her life. Elizabeth, obviously, suffers the most and eventually loses her life because of her loyalty toward and belief in Victor. Safie does not endure as much as the other two women, but she does have to flee an oppressive situation and sacrifices much for Felix.

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