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I am writing a book report on the book Rain Reign. What would be some good words to describe the main character, Rose Howard?  

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Ann M. Martin's Rain Reign has as its protagonist a young girl named Rose Howard. Rose is quick to point out that her name is a homonym, as is the name of her dog, Rain. One of the first things the reader learns about Rose is that she can be described as a rule follower. Rose shares in chapter 1, "Some of the things I get teased about are following the rules." In her list of things she likes, "Rules" happens to be second on her list. Rose also does her best to follow rules of conversation. She often considers these rules as she is speaking, and has certain "conversation starters" that she refers to when talking with others. Finally, Rose has rules that she follows depending on her father's demeanor when he is home in the evenings. She shares, "If my father comes home and doesn’t say anything, but walks into his own room, then Rain and I should not go near him at all."

Misunderstood is another word to describe Rose. Rose is the only one in her class with a love of homonyms. This sometimes gets her in trouble in class because she blurts out whenever she hears one. Her father once says to her, "Rose, for god’s sake, keep your mouth closed when you think of a homonym." He is often frustrated with her because he doesn't quite understand her, and her teachers question whether their school is appropriate for her. Rose's father shakes her at one point and says that she needs to stop certain behaviors. In response, Rose simply shares with her dad that her name is a homonym.

As she tells her story, the reader discovers that Rose is precise. Since she loves numbers, she remembers factual information that most people would either forget or never notice. She knows her father's age, height, the length of his scar, when he was born, and the phase of the moon on that day. She knows distances to places she is familiar with, and the dates and times of many important and sometimes traumatic events in her life. On the night her father brought her a dog, Rose recalls, "It was 7:49 p.m., which meant that the J & R Garage had been closed for two hours and 49 minutes."

Rose is also brave and determined. Aware of her differences, she continues to move along in a world where her peers often see her as strange. She goes to a school where she has teachers that feel she doesn't belong most of the time. One of her teachers, Miss Croon, asks Rose's father, "Are you sure you don’t want to look into another program for Rose?" Most importantly, the reader sees evidence that Rose is brave and determined when she loses her dog and is forced to put herself into situations that are difficult and uncomfortable for her.

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