I am writing an essay on "partnership working, its implication for social workers, who are working with parents using drugs". I am not sure how to start the introduction. Its been 12 years since I did my first degree. I have no idea how to start off.  

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Starting off an essay is not easy. From what I understand you are writing a paper on the topic of social workers who work with parents using drugs. If so, what you want to do is to have a strong thesis statement. Ask yourself what you want to say. Once you know that point, then you can think about your first sentence and first paragraph.

For example, if your point is: Parents who take drugs need accountability and need to work with social workers, then this is your thesis. Now ask yourself, why this thesis is important. At this point, you might say that no one is strong enough to kick bad habits alone. Then this is your supporting evidence. So, your introduction may look like this:

  • One of the most difficult things to do is to overcome substance abuse. No one is strong enough to do it alone, especially parents, who has the responsibility of children. For this reason, social workers are necessary.

Best of luck.

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