I am writing an essay and need help on a statement/thesis to connect to themes about religions in Life of Pi.

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You have a somewhat narrowed-down idea for a thesis by choosing to focus on themes dealing with religion; however, that is still a very broad concept, based on this story. Religion and faith are very important to Pi, and they are central to him as a character. In order to write a solid thesis about religion and Pi, the thesis is going to have to be narrowed down a bit. Remember that a thesis statement is a statement that makes an argument. It is not a statement of fact, because then there is nothing to prove. Will the thesis focus on how religion affects Pi's relationship with other people? Or will the thesis focus on how it helps him survive in the boat? Those are two directions that you could go, but there are many other ways to focus on the religious theme in this book.

I recommend making a double-sided argument for the thesis statement. This kind of thesis format is a well-rounded format that allows the paper to discuss your main argument while also discussing why an opposing...

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