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How does the local government treat homelessness in London?

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Homelessness is a severe problem around the world, and government response differs depending on many factors. Official reports put the local homeless population of London -- "rough sleepers" in common slang -- between 250-400 per night; these figures are contested by local outreach programs, who claim that government reports deliberately lower the figure to downplay the problem.

The most widespread response to homelessness in London is the requirement of local government officials to be available 24/7. This allows homeless people to have easy access to the proper channels for advice and legal help. State government also requires local government to create and implement a specific plan for homeless outreach and assistance; this is different in each of the London Boroughs depending on local factors such as private charity programs and state welfare. Local government has a requirement to provide reasonable shelter to qualified homeless, and some expatriate citizens returning to London may not qualify for assistance.

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