I am writing an essay about the advantages of Sameness in the book The Giver. I need help with supporting points.

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Jonas's stable, organized, and highly structured community subscribes to the concept of Sameness, where individuality does not exist and the natural environment is altered to ensure stability, efficiency, and comfort. Sameness completely eliminates spontaneity and chance from life in order to ensure safety and security. Sameness is an umbrella term that also includes climate control as well as the absence of color, music, and individuality. Despite the obvious negatives associated with creating a community with a completely manufactured environment and a society void of authenticity, there are many positives to Sameness. Sameness prevents individuals from making potentially harmful decisions and also prevents conflict among the citizens, which is typically influenced by differences in race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, or gender. Since the environment is altered and climate is controlled, transportation is easier and the citizens are safe from natural disasters. Controlling the climate also benefits the agriculture industry and enhances the stable economy. Since the citizens all have the same opportunities and must obey the Committee of Elders, social strife is greatly reduced and each citizen contributes to the community in some way.

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